Yves. Olympic campaign with innovative tactics.

A successful Olympic campaign, partnered with Flow Marketing, consisting of advertising, online marketing, guerrilla tactics, PR events with an Olympic spokesperson and an Olympic village bus take-over. Consumption of the product went up +18% in the weeks following the campaign and helped make a brand that was intimidating to some more approachable, opening the door to broader mass appeal.
This poster launched a new environmentally responsible lubricant for heavy equipment. Just one of a number of advertising initiatives we produced for North America.
This poster, along with an edgy and hyper-aggressive print campaign, helped turn Kawasaki into “the brand to ride” among young motorcycle racers.

Multiple award-winning Dekalb advertising.

Over 7 years, we’ve produced literally hundreds of marketing communication pieces for this heavily awarded national seed brand.
We helped launch Lipitor, which is now the #1 prescribed cholesterol-lowering drug in Canada. This ad was so successful it ran in major publications such as Time Magazine and The Globe and Mail for more than 5 years
For GNC’s Canadian launch we produced transit and radio ads, supported by brochure and print materials emphasizing personal control of health and lifestyle. Sales at Canadian locations were soon outstripping the chain’s American stores.
cystic fibrosis foundation
Our pro bono campaigns span over 20 years, during which time the average age of survival for children with CF has increased from 12 yrs. to 35. We were honoured with a National award recognizing a lifetime of contribution for our cause marketing efforts.
Westfield usa 
One of many projects for Westfield, one of the world’s largest shopping malls. On another project, this same client commented “Your direct mail piece has generated over a million dollars (U.S.), far exceeding our expectations. You’ve also made me look like a million dollars, and our Executive VP has said it’s the best piece we’ve ever developed.”—Enna Allen, Marketing Director, Westfield
Everything to do with Sex

Yes! this was a real job!

These ads for Toronto’s annual “Everything to Do With Sex” Show were accompanied by an edgy and highly successful radio campaign.

Multiple award winning ads.

Award-winning print ads for the world’s favourite beer.

Canadian launch of the world’s most successful golf management company.

We helped launch ClubLink with a range of marketing communications. This billboard’s clever headline spoke to viewers driving by on a major Toronto freeway.