Ann Urban and Sandy Kedey were invited to present their findings from a three year research study exploring the impact of technology and change in advertising—and the resultant implications for the advertising industry, design education and the workplace. Comparing and contrasting the expectations and needs of all stakeholders in this shifting landscape pointed the way to shared solutions of benefit to the advertising industry, advertisers and educators. For more than 20 years, Ann Urban has been a Professor at OCAD University and the head of her own marketing firm. She regularly lectures to the advertising industry, researches and publishes on topics of interest to the advertising and marketing community. The recommendations from the research she co-authored with Sandy Kedey have been implemented at OCAD University, resulting in a newly revamped and updated program for graduating advertising students. The program has been so successful that it has been profiled in several major media, including the Globe and Mail in 2014. Ann has been a regular speaker at the annual RGD conference since it’s inception in 2012. See Video. More on Conference.